[Translation] 留言 Leaving words

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I truly desired that’s the last time as I never want to hear of that again.
只此一次 绝对不再想听见

Pieces of disappointing moments keep emerging in my mind hundreds and hundreds of times.

After you gone, though it was a day ago, it seems that we haven’t seen each other for several years, and all of discussion between us were recorded in recordings files.
你别去一天 已是数载不见面 而一切说话 录在留言

The words you said in the recording recorded before, I still play them unaware of day and night.
过去你说过什么 仍是每昼夜也选播

happiness is being mixed with misery, along with overwhelming burden.
快乐夹杂痛楚 过重负荷

I complained whatever the words you said, which is able to warm and stab my heart.
抱怨你说过什么 都可暖透亦刺伤我

Do you know that I never want to cherish the memory of us the memories like being experienced this way through the rest of my life?
可知我 余生不想这么追忆 去度过

In the place where the front of the door, even though the blanket, it seems that you have come just now.
门前甚至被窝 也像你刚来过

Keeping a seat merely for you by your voice

Recuring and recuring, I wish I can stop it whereas my heart uncontrollably beat once again that heartbeat seems like the lines of a fierce rain.
反反复复欲制止却偏再次 心跳似是凌乱雨线

“I shall decide to forget all of the moments about you evermore,” I said that to myself every night.

Yet, I can hear your vivid voices still after the lamp was turned off.
灯熄了过后 都可听见

The aftermath should be duly demised later.

As time goes by, the bad sensation becomes a kind of burden to me gradually.

I never expected the hopelessness would become hopeless and hopeless presently than the beginning.

Your voice is still clearly and unforgettable…

How could I revive myself?

留言 – 张学友 – 单曲 – 网易云音乐 (163.com)


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